Different Types of Teeth

Different Types of Teeth - Dentist Omaha - Quality Dental CareVirtually everyone understands the importance of a sound oral hygiene routine, but few know what each of the different types of teeth do. There are five different types of teeth in your mouth and each of them serve a specific purpose.Read more

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Tips to Avoid Periodontal Disease

When it comes to your oral health, periodontal disease is one of the biggest threats you’ll face. From its earliest stages, it can be hard to recognize the signs, and can threaten the health of your gums, teeth, or even the bones that support your teeth.Read more

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How Can You Strengthen Tooth Enamel?

In terms of promoting great oral health, protecting the enamel on your teeth may be the most effective means to avoiding tooth decay. Tooth enamel works to protect your teeth from decay and other forms of damage. However, enamel can’t protect your teeth if you don’t properly care for it and a variety of factors can wear it down.Read more

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Should You Still Floss Your Teeth?

In the past month, there’s been plenty of controversy and debate surrounding the effectiveness of flossing. As covered in a recent issue of Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture no longer recommends flossing, as its effectiveness has recently been speculated.Read more

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How Can You Treat TMJ Disorder?

If you’ve ever felt pain, limited movement, or even a clicking sound in your jaw joint, chances are you’ve experienced Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). Estimates suggest that TMD affects around 10 million Americans every year. The symptoms of the disorder can be chronic and periodic, meaning that many with TMJ disorder experience the effects routinely.Read more

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Got Sleep Apnea? Try Our Sleep Appliance Therapy

Sleep Apnea might be more common than you’d expect. Nearly 18 million Americans, or 1 in 15, struggle with the disorder. Many who have sleep apnea are unaware of the symptoms, even once they wake up. As such, it’s often caught by others before individuals can put the pieces together.… Read more

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How to Prepare for your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

So it’s finally time to have your wisdom teeth extracted. You’ve seen friends and family go through the process, puffy cheeks and all. While wisdom teeth extraction can be a nerve-wracking endeavor, there are two things to consider. First; even if the idea of wisdom teeth removal is hard to pallet, it’s a very routine and safe procedure.Read more

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Oral Cancer Screenings: Do You Need One?

Though once believed to really only affect older men with history of tobacco use, oral cancer cases have increased over recent years. Each year, more Americans are affected by the disease, which warrants the need for annual oral cancer screenings for patients between the ages of 25 and 50.Read more

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Odontophobia: Dental Anxiety Explained

Few patients look forward to visiting the dentist, yet many do so to keep their oral hygiene up to par. Some patients, on the other hand, live in complete fear of dental visits, and they’ll often do anything to avoid an appointment.Read more

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Are You Brushing Your Tongue Enough?

When it comes to maintaining oral health, most patients work hard to keep their teeth and gums up to par. Through brushing and flossing, you can effectively combat tooth decay and disease-causing bacteria, however, every patient should be brushing their tongue as well.Read more

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